Rottweiler Delivers Puppies in the Middle of the Night and Keeps Giving Birth Until 15 Puppies are Born

Eleanor Usher was overjoyed when she discovered that Jessie, her 2-year-old Rottweiler, was pregnant. However, Eleanor was uncertain about the number of puppies she would have as she couldn’t afford an ultrasound. Though she was told that she should anticipate between six to eight puppies.

As Jessie’s pregnancy progressed, her belly kept getting bigger.

Then one night, Eleanor and her husband heard scratching sounds coming from the bottom of the staircase. Jessie was already in labor, three days before her scheduled delivery date.

Two of the puppies were already born, and Eleanor knew there were more to come, but she had no idea how many.

The Rottweiler kept delivering puppies, and Eleanor thought it was over after the sixth one. However, Jessie’s labor was far from over, and the puppies kept coming until a total of 15 were born, setting a record for the second-largest litter in the UK. Scroll down to see these adorable little ones!

The UK Rottweiler delivered a total of 15 puppies, breaking the record for the second-largest litter in the United Kingdom. The largest litter recorded in the UK was of 18 puppies.

Jessie gave birth her puppies during the early hours of a Sunday, which was only three days away from her expected delivery date.

Jessie’s owners were unsure of how many puppies to expect from her. They were advised to be ready for the arrival of six to eight puppies, but they were not anticipating a litter as large as the one Jessie eventually gave birth to.

But instead, they were surprised by the arrival of 15 puppies that day!

After the eleventh puppy arrived, Eleanor began researching records and discovered that Jessie was on track to break a record.

The mother dog’s labor came to an end after approximately seven hours.

All of the newborn puppies were healthy, but there were some initial concerns about the health of the final one to arrive.

According to reports, Jessie is an extremely protective mother and does not allow anyone to approach her puppies, even to feed them formula.

She has become fiercely independent and insists on taking care of all 15 of her little ones on her own.

So far, all the puppies are healthy and doing well. They will be ready for adoption soon!

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