Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In The World Standing Over 7-Feet Tall

The following story is about the lovely dog named Freddy! According to the Guinness World Records, the giant 7-foot-tall Great Dane is officially the tallest dog in the world. The owners of Freddy knew that the dog would be a big dog since the moment they got him as a puppy.

Finally, the Great Dane typically weighs up to 190 pounds and is about 33 inches high. But he was not prepare for what was about come. We can clearly say that Freddy exceeded the expected size of a dog. Freddy stands on his hind legs, is taller than most humans, and weighs over 200 pounds.

The owner of Freddy, Claire, will intimidate those who cross his path, despite his huge size, but says he’s the cutest dog ever. He is a very kind giant, he always enjoys being around people and makes friends with other dogs by a fraction of his size.

He’s great with the kids, and Claire’s two kids feel they’re more protected than usual when Freddy is there, she says. After all, who doesn’t? !! This is definitely something you have to see to believe. Have a look at the video, let us know your thoughts, and do not forget to spread out the story to your friends and family on social media.


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