An Emotionally Overwhelming Note Was Found With An Abandoned Dog After Her Mother Surrendered Her

This heartwarming story is sure to bring a tear to your eye. Recently, the McKamey Animal Center posted on their Facebook page about a dog named Lilo who was brought to their center. Lilo was found wandering around with her leash still attached.

When Lilo arrived at the shelter, a note was found attached to her leash. The note explained that Lilo’s owner, who was homeless with two children, was unable to keep her due to financial constraints. The note also urged whoever found Lilo to love and care for her and not abuse her.

Upon reading the note, the staff at the animal center were deeply moved and saddened by Lilo’s situation. They promised to honor Lilo’s name and to find her a loving new home. They also expressed their understanding of Lilo’s owner’s difficult decision, but encouraged her to seek help from resources like theirs in the future.

The center offers several resources including a pet food pantry, low-cost vaccines, microchipping, and spay/neuter services. They also provide assistance with rehoming pets in similar situations. The post received an outpouring of support and love for Lilo and her family.

There were two updates to the post. The first stated, “We are working with Lilo’s family, who have been located. Please refer to our most recent post for more information.” The second update added, “We want to emphasize that we have extensive connections with resources and agencies that are prepared and willing to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness.”

I admire animal centers that understand the difficulties that families who adore animals encounter but sometimes lack the financial means or the support to care for them adequately. If more animal centers followed the example of the MAC, I believe many families would be able to take advantage of the resources available and keep their beloved pets.

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