A Pitbull who had been homeless for a year finally reconnects with his beloved owner

The pit bull was overjoyed when she finally reunited with her owner.

An accident occurred during the holiday season one year in Chicago, where Kelly Shade’s guests left her front door open. As a result, Shade’s dog, Gracie, ran out and became lost.

Gracie was separated from her owner for 11 months before finally being reunited.

Shade was heartbroken for almost a year because she didn’t know what had happened to her beloved dog. However, she persisted in her search. “We put up signs everywhere; we posted on Lost Dog Illinois, contacted all the shelters in the area, and I cried for months,” Shade said to ABC 7 Chicago.

It turned out that Gracie had not gone very far, but she did not know how to get back home after running out the door. Fortunately, some kind-hearted individuals made sure that the dog had what she needed to survive.

Gracie didn’t venture beyond the neighborhood of Jackson Park Highlands.

Throughout the summer, several people spotted her, but the frightened and lost dog never allowed anyone to approach her for rescue. She also stayed away from other dogs.

The local residents appeared to recognize that Gracie was a domesticated animal, but they were unaware that her home was located within 2 miles.

After dog enthusiast Polly Ellison spotted her, Gracie had a dependable food source. Ellison would feed the dog whenever she visited, with the hope of gaining her trust.

Ellison shared with the news that Gracie was evidently frightened of potential danger, and she couldn’t ignore the situation.

Ellison eventually contacted local dog rescuer Katie Campbell to assist in rescuing the adorable black pit bull with the charming white paws. Together, they established a routine to anticipate Gracie’s visits. Eventually, they were able to entice her into a crate to perform a check-up and see if she had a microchip.

Fortunately, Gracie had one! (This is why it’s crucial to microchip your pets and verify that the information is current!)

“People should recognize a dog’s resilience and never abandon them,” Campbell stated. “That is the most critical thing we can teach people – to never give up.”

After that, all they needed to do was contact Shade.

“She had an owner, a caring family, and a dog sibling waiting for her to return home. It’s been incredible,” Ellison remarked.

As you might expect, Shade was moved to tears when she received the call that her cherished dog had been found safe and sound. Miraculously, Gracie appeared to be in good health despite being on the streets for 11 months.

When Gracie, who was now six years old, got out of the car and returned to her neighborhood, she appeared a bit confused.

In reality, she didn’t seem to acknowledge Shade initially and almost walked past her.

However, it appeared that a familiar fragrance sparked something in her memory.

The dog suddenly stopped and turned around, leaping on her mom and showering her with licks and wagging her tail. Gracie had finally made it home in time for the holidays that she had missed the previous year.

“It’s certainly a holiday miracle,” Shade stated. “It’s truly remarkable.”

The puppy had managed to survive all four seasons on the streets of Chicago. However, she had now returned to her rightful place in her cozy dog bed with a mom who adored her above all else.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below! Be sure to share this with your loved ones.

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