Rescuer finds ‘injured’ pittie puppy and rushes to assist her.

Nothing breaks my heart more than dogs being abandoned. The fact that their world centers around their humans, and then their trusted people suddenly leave them alone is just heartbreaking.

Charlene discovered a pitbull that seemed to be unable to walk, so she decided to intervene and help the dog in need.

“We brought her to our sanctuary where we discovered that her pelvis had been broken,” Charlene recounted. “She was unable to walk, and we were afraid she might be paralyzed. She was in so much pain, it was heartbreaking to witness.”

Charlene decided to name the dog Willow.

”By getting down on her level, it assisted her to understand that ‘I’m down here with you. I’ll be here by your side,’” she shared.

Thankfully, she didn’t end up paralyzed. Rather, the little fighter was able to stand and walk after only a couple of weeks into healing.

The entire sanctuary rejoiced.

”What love can achieve is incredible,” Charlene remarked. Without a doubt, love is the most potent healing force on earth.

Over the days of being with Willow, it was evident to everyone how wonderful of a dog she is. She is so easy to love. Despite everything she has been through, she still manages to give so much love.

However, finding a foster proved to be a challenge.

It was mainly due to her condition that it was difficult to find a foster for Willow. People were unsure of what to expect and were mostly hesitant because they did not know how to care for her.

But one day, a certain couple showed interest and were determined to take care of the sweet pittie.

The couple became Willow’s foster parents.

“I don’t think we could have found a more suitable family for her,” Charlene fondly said.

“We weren’t sure how long we would have Willow,” her foster mother said. “But we knew we were just going to help her reach the next step in her recovery.”

It was a perfect match.

Fortunately, Willow had a companion in her new home, another dog. Initially, she was shy, but eventually, she warmed up to the other canine and became friends.

To everyone’s surprise, Willow loves swimming, and even more amazing is that being in the water helped strengthen her back legs, making it the perfect exercise for her.

With swimming and proper care, Willow’s recovery was quick.

“It was about two or three weeks of us taking care of her when we realized there was no way we could ever let her go,” Willow’s father said. What was initially supposed to be a temporary foster home for the dog turned into her permanent home.

Thanks to her family’s affection, Willow has completely recuperated and now enjoys running and swimming. It’s truly amazing what love can accomplish.

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