First Wash In 34 Years: BARN FIND Corvette Stingray Looks Like Hell But Gets A Bath

I’m constantly in awe of the results these detailers can produce on a car or truck that has been abandoned for years in appalling circumstances. Birds, rodents, water, and other things are discussed. And it’s pretty amazing how they work on the interiors of these things. These guys attack it like madmen, and I’m always hesitant to use much cleaning on anything.

We are never provided a valid explanation for why this specific Corvette has been languishing for so long. It is a full vehicle that appears to have suffered no damage prior to being parked, in my opinion. Whatever the justification, the exterior and inside of this monstrosity are both hideous. The fragrance alone would probably be enough to make anyone want to never touch this monster again.

Video Description:

First Wash in 34 Years: BARN FIND Corvette Stingray ft. Robby Layton! | Car Detailing Restoration. Today, we tackle the interior & exterior of a Corvette Stingray that was abandoned for over 34 years in a barn with Robby Layton, that is covered in mold, dirt & debris that hasn’t been detailed in years that will require us to pressure wash the entire exterior, followed by a wash, clay bar and then polishing the paint to bring back its shine and a full interior detail including mold removal.

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