Classics Vs. Modern Muscle: 1967 Pontiac GTO 400ci 325HP Takes on the Drag Strip

A legendary muscle vehicle that endures the test of time is the 1967 Pontiac GTO. And Bob Bute was fortunate enough to obtain this uncommon convertible GTO from the original owner a few years ago, which was a wonderful jewel. The car needed some mechanical repair despite being in excellent original condition, including rebuilding the 400ci/325hp engine with stock OEM parts.

The GTO’s totally original interior, which included the optional “his and her” shifter and a Turbo 350 transmission, demonstrated Bob’s attention to detail in the restoration of the automobile. He also installed a positrac to the rear diff and selected a set of contemporary 17″ wheels and low profile tires to modernise this vintage vehicle.

Finally, Bob had a chance to drive the GTO to the racetrack and run the 1/4 mile. It was undoubtedly a remarkable day for him because it was his first time at the circuit with this car and his first pass since the 1970s. The GTO’s potent engine and timeless styling held their own against contemporary muscle cars, demonstrating the GTO’s status as a classic example of automotive engineering and design.

Overall, Bob’s 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible is a shining example of the love that auto fans have for repairing and conserving these vehicles for future generations to enjoy, as well as the continuing popularity of classic muscle cars.

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